"MAYCO really is a unique experience that not only allowed me to play [percussion] over the summer, but also introduced me to some amazing rep, and broadened my orchestral horizons. Thanks for a great couple summers!"


"This was probably the best possible use of my time this summer! I had so much fun, and I LOVED the pieces that we played. "


"Seriously, I can't express how great of a time I had. After WYSO ended, I was really looking forward to playing in another ensemble, and MAYCO did not disappoint! Rehearsal flowed smoothly, I enjoyed playing all of the pieces, and the music challenged me."


"I loved the work ethic of the group."


"This is an amazing program and I'm impressed with your dedication and success. I thoroughly enjoyed playing under Maestro Utevsky."


"Grateful, thankful for this program!  Wonderful job organizing this truly successful group.  This is such a great opportunity for so many."


"I really enjoyed the program. I felt that it was very focused and that we accomplished a lot in very little time. I enjoyed working with everyone."


"[T]his was one of the best orchestras I've ever played with." 


"This was super fun! It was very well organized, the people were entertaining and capable musicians, [...] and the music was fun.


"Thanks for founding and continuing to organize MAYCO; it is definitely a highlight of my summer!"


"A remarkable institution...

"Here are young musicians, looking like confident kids, but playing with adult skill and intensity. [...] [T]he performance was spirited, well-gauged and thoroughly satisfying.

"That our area alone could produce such talent is what has stirred my hope for humanity."

- John Barker (Isthmus, The Well-Tempered Ear)

[T]his was robust and rich Haydn, an interpretation that made Papa Haydn sound more alive than dead. The humor and tunefulness […] came through convincingly.

- Jacob Stockinger (The Well-Tempered Ear)


"[Our daughter] thoroughly enjoyed the whole week. She came back beaming after every practice. She appreciated how organized you were, and she liked how you conducted and worked on the pieces. She is really looking forward to the August session."


[T]hank you for this opportunity. He is looking forward to it!


"She asked us to schedule her summer around MAYCO next year!"

"Thank you for a wonderful concert. You made the week, the month, and maybe the year!"


"You have no idea how hard it was for me not to jump up and down, screaming! The program was brilliant and you all were just amazing!"


"Thank you for writing fantastic concert notes. My parents, who aren't very musical, found them extremely helpful and interesting. My mother would also like to say how much she loved the Haydn and that it left her "enthralled" - that's the word she used."